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Collaborative Catalyst

EFB NEXT LEVEL Catalyst Solutions…

EFB provides access and coordination, and most importantly is the catalyst,

to the necessary acquisition and blending of professionals and resources which facilitate, optimize and implement sustainable solutions for, and with, like-minded companies and organizations. 

From concept through post-implementation, EFB ensures operational and actionable planning for businesses and organizations that is cross-cultural and comprehensive through customized modeling and systems for single or cross-sector, socio-economic sustainable strategy and development engagements and initiatives. 

EFB proper, and because of the EFB broad network of Strategic Partners, Alliances and Collaborative Relationships,

has the depth, breadth and capabilities to plan, enhance, empower, optimize, relate from experience, and facilitate sustainable outcomes throughout all sectors and cross-sector and blended sector engagements through systemized and comprehensive cross-cultural management approach, process, method modeling.

EFB fosters sustainable solutions which establish sustainable opportunities for the success and empowerment of your vision and your company or organization, as well as, the communities in which you are established and serve.

EFB provides customized programs, which are specific to your needs, through cooperative and collective inclusion.  EFB focuses on your needs to provide most meaningful results.  EFB’s interdisciplinary wisdom and knowledge are supported with our multi-competency partnerships and alliances which equip your organization with the “tools” to enhance your ability to navigate and succeed through the economic challenges of today and tomorrow. This shared vision and philosophy approach is the foundation to build upon now, and into your sustainable future.

EFB is the bridge,

and most importantly a catalyst, which facilitates sustainable direction and solutions for, and with, like-minded companies and organizations.


EFB provides a sustainable path

to opportunities and for organizational growth through our cooperative programs establishment, which will enhance your ability to realize expansive high-performance and high-impact sustainability, nationally or internationally.


EFB is flexible and are open

to creative and mutually advantageous business structure or design for the common goal of economic development and all “outreach” initiatives.  We provide your customized solution for your organizational needs and your sustainability.  EFB’s business alliances and partnerships are scalable and expandable, providing for optimal growth.

Operationally, EFB consists of highly-skilled professionals, Strategic Partnerships and Integrated-Alliance Teams who collectively

are experts within all aspects of business and economic intricacies across the US, and globally.  EFB’s customized-approach method facilitates a cost-effective, efficient and optimized socio-economic systems model which is streamlined and stress-free for each client.

Cross-cultural and cross-sector blending, both personal and business, EFB excels with change, change management and assimilation anywhere in the world.  Having satellite offices across the US and Europe, as well as, consulting contracts which have immersed EFB and our Strategic Alliances in a host of diverse cultural interactions and socio-economic engagements.

As all engagements are customized to ensure maximum advantages and outcomes, when applicable, we have, and currently do, partner with solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs and multi-sector specialists. We have, and do, partner with accounting firms, mortgage banks, real estate companies, law firms, technology companies, educational entities, capital companies, and other types of professional entities throughout the world, to provide effectual models of operational and financial opportunities for our clients.

We are business strategists who have developed and implemented combinations of growth development systems for business start-ups, turn-arounds and marginally profitable companies, which are aimed at removing barriers that might inhibit drivers for substantial profitability.

Lifetimes of developing and nurturing relationships have fostered a wealth of global connections to capital resources and a vast network of contacts across all continents, sectors, industries and socio-economic strata.

These assets and resources enable limitless possibilities for projects and initiatives which have been determined to have met reasonable criteria.  From small to large entities and ventures, utilizing my relationships and expertise to produce for private and public offerings and endeavours, and provide access to hedge funds, angel and private investors, venture capital groups, banks and other types of financial institutions, sustainability is a phone call or an email away from beginning the process.

Thoughtful and optimized collaboration and cooperation throughout the years within each of our engagements have facilitated many worldwide alliances which now are extended to provide expert direction to management teams to assist in formulating competitive operational, financial and capital opportunities for businesses at all levels.

Collectively, from all EFB’s and our Strategic Partners’ experiences, comprehensively emulating the good, resolving and correcting the not-so-good, learning from everything to provide ongoing guidance, we utilize everything, not only for many for-profit companies, domestically and internationally, but also for numerous non-profits.  Non-profits are where we enjoy being even more creative, and where we advise on the use of non-traditional structures as alternative fundraising models, in conjunction with PR and Goodwill planning models, that are financially beneficial for both non-profits and their business donors.

EFB professionals and many of our Strategic Partners have contributed by being on boards and committees of outreaches, actively serving their programs and speaking publicly for them. We are sensitive to all components of every level of impact, both tangible and intangible. From these diverse and rich experiences, we have been instrumental in establishing innovative, new platforms to create market share for both non-profit and for-profit entities.

Our personal and professional mission has been, and is, clear.

Providing benefits through the collaboration of EFB and our Strategic Partnership professionals, integrating and blending our collective knowledge and experience every step of the way, engaging in literally every industry and sector over the years (in our personal lives and/or professionally) and now blending all of this with respect, integrity, and never being out-of-touch with the ambition, creativity and innovation of youth, all of which empowers us to connect with every generation throughout every sector.  We collaboratively enable our collective knowledge and experience to culminate into wisdom and expertise and give back and prepare the current generations to be the leaders for the future.


Within every intricate detail of all which is written in our website and with much more documentation available, it is with great respect and gratitude for all those whom have had such positive impact on our lives collectively, personally and professionally that this culminated blending of each of our life’s work, vision, mission and philosophy is formally established and organized under one-entity and one-brand, as Educational Financial Benefits.  

EFB is at your service, and EFB, as a Sustainability Catalyst for now and future generations, will customize a sustainability plan with our Strategic Partners, which is operational and actionable for each business or organization, from concept through post-implementation.  All you have to do is engage and enquire.

Comprehensively, all-of-the-above has optimized our abilities to lead and provide services to business professionals, non-profits and consumers, based upon integrated-value, enhanced communications, financial services improvements, e-commerce and m-commerce.  Whether traditional or creative, local or global, businesses and organizations working with our teams and our Strategic Partners or alliances, each will find innovation and optimization within every engagement.

More important today, than ever before… Walt Disney’s, “It’s a small world…”, has never been more applicable than it is today and by enabling the types of services that we deliver, which can be broadcast and accessed through mobile, work station and all digital technologies available, a truly collaborative and comprehensive preparation for your sustainable future is enhanced and optimized.

Realize your sustainable future.  Discover your opportunities now, through EFB customized solutions.